happyday 作文
· ahappyday100字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
This is a fine day.The sun is shining.Some people are very happy.Now,look.Jim is playing the guitar.And Lily and are singing.There three little boys are playing football.David is fishing.And other boys are rowing a boat in the sea.Thenthey can eat lunch.There are many good food,they are hamburger,banana…The 查看全文
· 小學三年級英語作文happyday200字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
小學三年級英語作文happy dayToday I'm very happy,after I have breakfast,I go to park.It's a sunny day ,the bird is singing,I'm singing too.When I get to park,I see some girls are playing games ,so I join them.We play very happy.Then I have lunch with my friends.We both have a good time.what's a happy dayM 查看全文
· happyday100字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
Hi, this is Fan Ling. I”m going to have a happy weekend! On Saturday, I”m going to the bookstore by bike.I”m going to buy a new CD and some story-books. Then,I”m going to go home and read the new books.On Sunday,I”m going to the supermarket with my mother.we”re going to visit my aunt.We are going to wa 查看全文
· ahappyday100字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
A happy dayToday is Sunday, it’s my favourite day. At eight o’clock, we have milk and eggs for breakfast. At nine o’clock, I play ping-pong and football with my father. In the afternoon, I play computer games. Wow! The computer is so interesting. Then I do my homework. In the evening, I read some books an 查看全文
· ahappyday100字  [初中作文] [初三作文]
My happy day is my birthday day, I′m happy. my birthday is the twenty-seven of September . My sister gave me a book , my brother gave me a beautiful toy , and my parents gave me a birthday cake 查看全文
· happyday600字  [小學作文] [四年級作文]
There is a nature park in the city.Them is good.There is a garden,forest,zoo and......Today is sunday.It”s sunny and warm.I go to nature park on sunday,and my sister.Nature park is good.The air is fresh.The mountains are green.There is a path in the nature park.I can run on the path.Garden is beautiful.Ther 查看全文
· happyday(開心的一天)200字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
This really is happy day! Don”t believe it? Then and I look at it.One day, my sister and I play together. My sister has a red cloth mice, rats really big eyes cute, small nose, ear again big, the body that has pattern, its holding ratios, the long tail. Then said sister we play cloth mice, sister took out t 查看全文
· happyday300字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
Today, my family and I went together to the Guangzhou Panyu Xiangjiang Safari Park. Along the way, I excited and happy.Finally, we come to the Xiangjiang Safari Park it!First we take a big train, into the animal world!The first area inside, with deer, peacocks and so on, they next train through, great!Then e 查看全文
· happyday100字  [小學作文] [二年級作文]
Happy day Today is National day.It is sunny.In the morning,I get upat 9 o”clock.I have bread and milkfor breakfast.Then I go shopping with Mum.In the afternoon,I play basketball with my friends.We are very happy. Today is a happy day! 查看全文
· ahappyday100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
Today is sunday,the weather is warm and sunny.The sky looks very beautiful.My parents are taking take me to a beautiful park.The park is very big.There are many red fiowers and green grasses in the park.There is a small lake in the park.And there are many hills in the park.We are flying a kite.The kite likes 查看全文
· myhappyday100字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
Today I”m very happy,after I have breakfast,I go to park.It”s a sunny day ,the bird is singing,I”m singing too.When I get to park,I see some girls are playing games ,so I join them.We play very happy.Then I have lunch with my friends.We both have a good time.what”s a happy day! 查看全文
· happyday(開心的一天)100字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
Today, I was very happy, because I felt the warmth of house again finally! Liked too, today in, I re- found back former self-confidence again. I am really really happy! This returns because I lead hard, paying to lead. Encourage, I will make out certainly better!(今天,我很開心,因為我終於又感受到了家的溫暖 查看全文
· ahappyday100字  [小學作文] [三年級作文]
a happy day Today is the birthday of my school.She is fifteen yeas old. In the afternoon,first,Adan gave us an English class.I feel very happy! After that,we saw the live video of anniversary ceremony.At last ,we had aPOI show of my hometown,I introduced my hometown—jiangxi.I love my hometown! It”sa wonder 查看全文
· ahappydayorabusyday(快樂的500字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
(這是我4年級時寫的,寫的不好,還請多多指教!)I like every day.It”s busy ,but it”s so happy and exciting. I usually get up at 6:00 in the morning.After that,I wash my face and have breakfast.I often drink a glass of milk because it is good for health.I usually get to school before 7:00 .There are four less 查看全文
· ahappydayinspring100字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
Today is Saturday,the weather is clearness.Mr Black’family is taking a trip.They are taking a trip on the grasses.They are Mr Black、Mrs Black、Ann and Tom.They bring bread、apples、a bottle of fruit juice……Do you know?Tom brings a kite,too.The sky is blue and has swallows.Aften they eating food.Ann is re 查看全文
· 快樂的一天(ahappyday)100字  [小學作文] [一年級作文]
Today is the National Day.It is our country's birthday.Now she is 56.I am very happy.Today in the afternoon . I go to the park. people all look so happy. Someone is doing exercise,someone is singing the nation song .A little girl came to me and said to me ,happy National Day.I know she loves the country,but 查看全文
· happyday100字  [初中作文] [初三作文]
At 12:00 at noon,we go to the cinema to see a film.It is <<Sleeples Night>>.I like it very much.We go home by bus at 2:00 inthe afternoon .In the evening .we have a brithday party for me .There are my friends and parents.Oh!My diary .Is it a happy day?I love today. 查看全文
· ahappyday200字  [初中作文] [初三作文]
Today is Sunday.The sun is shining brightly in the sky.A warm wind,soft as a girl”s hair,moves sailboat clouds in gentle skies.How beautiful it is.With the fine weather,I am going to go to library to buy some books about English.On the way,I meet a foreign people.He looks very worried.I ask him:"Can I  查看全文
· ahappyday300字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
Today is a happy day. every one is very happy. I”m happy too. my mother cooked meals. my father read the newspaper. Grandma cleaned my bedroom. I play football with my girls frind. We all like football. My friend amd my family today are very very happy! You know why? Because today is Sunday, every one is re 查看全文
· happyday100字  [初中作文] [初三作文]
Today,I feelIveryhappy ,AlthoughIverytire.Theweather Is sosmiling ,Igoshoppingwithmybestfirend,we buymanyfood,for example,likefruit,orange,apple,pear andstrawberry, vegetable,spinage,potato andcabbage,wegotothepank ,withanother kids,Ithinkthenvereloveliness,we are playvolleyballutill 11pm,we have togohome . 查看全文
· ahappyday100字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
Hello,everyone!I`m Betty.It`s Sunday today.I`m very happy onSundays.I get up at seven o`clock and have some bread and milk for my breakfast.I`m very happy toplay with my dolls at two o`clock in the afternoon. There`s a very good cartoon film at 5 o`clock in the afternoon.i like it very much and I go to bed a 查看全文
· ahappyday100字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
for breakfast. I study English an hour after breakfast. I play with my dolls at half past nine. There”s a good cartoon at ten o”clock.I like it very much.In the aftemoon, I go to play table tennis with my dad.Whata happy day! 查看全文