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· myhobbies100字  [初中作文] [初二作文]
Different people have different hobbies.I usedto listen tomusic in my spare time.Listening to music helped me relax when I was tired.But now my hobbies is collecting stamps.I can lean a lot about people,piaces, histry and special events from stamps.What hobbies do have? Can you tell me? 查看全文
· myhobbies600字  [初中作文] [初三作文]
My hobbiesGood afternoon,dear teachers.My name is Wang Lulu.I”m from class3.Grade 5;of Ning Yang school.I”m very glad to make a speech here.At this time,I”d like to talk something about my hobbies.Everyone has hobbies.My mother likes watching TV.My father likes chess and many of my schoolmates like playin 查看全文
· 初中英語作文:myhobbies300字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
Everyone has different hobbies.Some people like to paint and others like to play basketball.I have many hobbies because I like to do many things.Let me share a few of my hobbies with you.To begin with,I really lie games,both indoor and outdoor.I like collecting cards and playing card games with my friends.Bu 查看全文
· my family hobbies200字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
My family has a different hobby, there are playing computer games, playing basketball, watching TV, watching movies, and so on. My hobbies are playing basketball and playing computer games, I like to play basketball because basketball can let my body healthy and strong, and I like to play computer games beca 查看全文
· myhobbies100字  [小學作文] [四年級作文]
I have many hobbies. Now let me tell you about myhobbies. I like running. I often run with my friends everyweekend. Usually we run in the park. Do some sports arehealthy for us. I like reading books,too. I have many books. Usually I read English dictionanies, sometimes I read magazines about plant. Read some 查看全文
· mydifferenthobbies100字  [初中作文] [初三作文]
When I was a little girl,I like keeping dog very much.Because I’m the only child in my family,and my pet dog would be my close friend and play with me.Then I interested in music at prinry school.I found that it could make me happy especailly when I was alone.But soon the compurter my favourite since I began 查看全文
· myhobbies100字  [初中作文] [初二作文]
Different people have different hobbies.I usedto listen to pop music in my spare time.Listening to pop music helped me relax when I was tired.It also brought me happiness.But my interests are changing all the time .I used to wasn”t interested in sports at all.Now,my hobbies are sports like play basketball a 查看全文
· my hobbies200字  [初中作文] [初二作文]
I want to write this composition again——my hobbies.Of all the hobbies, i like traveling best. In the summer holiday, i often go to travel with my parents. In this year is winter holiday , i went to Vietnam with my parents. The sea is very beautiful, so i took a  查看全文
· myhobbies100字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
MY HOBBIESI have many hobbies.They are playing football,playing basketbal,listening to music,playing badminton and so on.I always play football after supper.I like playing with my good friends very much.I play basketball after school,sometimes befor supper.I like listenning to music when I am studying or sle 查看全文
· hobbies1200字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
hobbiesDifferent personhave Different hobbies. For instance, some people like jogging; Some people like dancing; Some people like playing then piano......What then my hobby also is? I have many hobbies: Sings, writing, the ice-skating, reads...... I most like reading. In the book world is multi-colored, it  查看全文
· myhobbies200字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
HobbiesI am a chinese girl.I from lian yungang.I live in a small town.Ihavemanyinterestinghobbies.Let mesee.Ilikegrowingflowers.I have manybeautiful flowers.I watering it every day.I like it very much.and you?I like catching insects on the weekends inthepark.I think insects areour goodfriends.I like ants.the 查看全文
· my favourite hobbies100字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
Dear dingyi,My name is Guolin.I am ten years old.I have a sister.Her name is Guoao.she is two years old.I have lots of hobbies.I like playing chess and piaying babminton.They are fun.I don”t like listening to music or piaying the piano but my sister does.Oh yeah,I like drawing and fishing,too.She likesliste 查看全文
· my hobbies150字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
Hello everyone, my name is Zhang Li and I am eleven years old. I have many hobbies, such as: swimming, shopping and singing. At the moment my favorite hobby is traveling.However, I have a lot of homework every day, I spend a lot of time doing homework that I can not find a little time on my hobbies. I feel b 查看全文
· myhobbies100字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
My Hobbies I have got many hobbies.I like reading,swimming,riding a bike and ... But I like reading very much.Because books are my best friends.Every weekends I go to the bookshop to buy many books.So my room is full of books.I think my life is wonderful.What about your hobbies? 查看全文
· different people,different hobbies250字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
Different people have different hobbies.I have three friends. There are Mike、Mary、and yokel.Mike like skating.He has been skating for three years.Every weekend,He goes skating in the ice inck.He think itcan make him stronger and more healthy. Mary enjoy drawing picture.She has been drawing since she was ei 查看全文
· myhobbies200字  [初中作文] [初二作文]
All of us have hobbies.And our hobbies are changing all the time.I used to listen to folk music,because they can help me relaxing after doing my homewrok .But now I hate it.Now I am interested in reading books.Because I can learn a lot about people,pleaces,history and special events from it.And some old book 查看全文
· myhobbies400字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
I have some hobbies. It can spend much spare time, and let my life colorful. I enjoy playing basketball. It is fun. And, it helps me keep fit. I know that basketball is good for the health. When I was a junior school student basketball keep me company. It lets me have the sense of achievement when I get a gr 查看全文
· myfamily”shobbies200字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
I really like comedies . Because I think they are very funny . My favorite actor is Yang Zi. And I like singsingvery much . I can sing many Chinese songs and English songs . I also like to dance . Because the dance willhelp usto health.And my mother likes Beijing Opera veyy much . She thinks Beijing Opera is 查看全文
· hobbies150字  [小學作文] [六年級作文]
All of us have hobbies,so do I.Because hobbies can bring our happiness and make us relax.But our hobbies are often chang.For example,I used to enjoy going shopping,but now I don’t like it.I like playing the computer games.I like listen tomusic,but I used to enjoy reading books.Although I didn’t like sports 查看全文
· myhobbies100字  [小學作文] [五年級作文]
My hobbiesDo you want to know my hobbies?I have lots of hobbies.I like playing basketball,swimming,playing chess and reading books and so on.I like them very much.I don”t like having picnics,playing football,playing the piano,drawing or shopping.But my mother likes shopping.She always say to me:"Go sho 查看全文