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  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

  I am Chinese. I am proud of being a Chinese with five thousand years of civilization behind. I”ve learned about the four great inventions made by our forefathers. I”ve learned about the Great Wall and the Yangtze River. I”ve learned about Zhang Heng(張衡)and I”ve learned about Zheng He(鄭和)。Who says the Yellow River Civilization has vanished(消失)?I know that my ancestors have made miracles(奇迹)on this fertile land and we”re still making miracles. Who can ignore the fact that we have established ourselves as a great state in the world, that we have devised our own nuclear weapons, that we have successfully sent our satellites into space, and that our GNP ranks No. 7 in the world We have experienced the plunders (掠奪) by other nations, and we have experienced the war. Yet, based on such ruins, there still stands our nation----China, unyielding and unconquerable!

  I once came across an American tourist. She said, “China has a history of five thousand years, but the US only has a history of 200 years. Five thousand years ago, China took the lead in the world, and now it is the US that is leading.” My heart was deeply touched by these words. It is true that we”re still a developing nation, but it doesn”t mean that we can despise (鄙視) ourselves. We have such a long-standing history, we have such abundant resources, we have such intelligent and diligent people, and we have enough to be proud of. We have reasons to say proudly: we are sure to take the lead in the world in the future again, for our problems are big, but our ambition (雄心) is even bigger, our challenges (挑戰) are great, but our will is even greater.

  I am Chinese. I have inherited (繼承) black hair and black eyes. I have inherited the virtues of my ancestors. I have also taken over responsibility. I am sure, that wherever I go, whatever I do, I shall never forget that I am Chinese!

  Thank you.


  Nature Is Our Mother

  Let me begin my speech with a replay of scenes familiar to most, if not all, of those present here today.

  "Mum, I”m sorry, but I need 3,000yuan for my tuition this year."

  "Mum, it is my friend”s birthday tomorrow. I must buy her a present."

  "Mum, this jacket was out of fashion long ago, would you do me a favor "

  Take. Take. Take. The relationship between a mother and a child always seems to follow such a pattern. I know my mother is always there for me, providing me with everything I need; from food to clothing, from tuition to pocket money. I never thought twice about all she did until one day she said, "Will there be a time that you”ll say you have taken enough from me "

  Like a child endlessly asking, we humans, throughout history, have been continually demanding what we desire from nature. We enjoy the comfort and beauty of our furniture, yet we never bother to think about the serious soil erosion caused by deforestation. We take it for granted that we must warm ourselves in winter times, yet we seldom realize the burning away of precious natural resources. We appreciate all the prosperity from the development of modern industry, yet few would give the slightest consideration to the global air and water pollution caused by industrial wastes. Our ruthless exploitation has permanently impaired our mother earth. As we tragically learned from last summer”s floods, we cannot continue our carelessness.

  Finally, standing here at the threshold of the 21st century, we cannot help thinking of our posterity. Nature is not only the mother of the present generation, but also the mother of the generations to come. How severely our descendents will criticize us if we leave them a barren and lifeless mother How much more they will appreciate us if we give them a world of harmony to inherit Let us start respecting and caring for nature from now on. Let us start the campaign of creating a mutually beneficial relationship between people and nature right from this moment. With this new start, I firmly believe, that our children, and our children”s children will live in a brand new age of green trees, clean air, crystal water, blue sky and an even more promising world!


  Distinguished leaders, dear students, Hello, everyone:

  I come from the Central University”s 0501 class ring measured LI Fei-Fei.

  March of the spring breeze brushed the winter cold, rains of the "Eight Honors and Eight Shame" singing. "Proud of the hard work in order to shame indolent; to take pride in hard work in order to extravagance and dissipation ashamed" This sentence makes I think many, many. thought of the sweet CASINO 10000 bees spend their hard work results; thought vigorous, upright in Pinus taiwanensis, "Yao Ding Aoyama do not relax, he served as East and West North and South Korea fighting spirit of the wind; thought Edison”s" genius is 99% sweat and 1% inspiration; thought of the "self-sharpening blade of sword out, plum blossom incense from the bitter cold over there." thought more of us.

  Early morning, flying willow lake, there is the sound of reading aloud in order to improve the standard of English students to study; night, self-study room, there are efforts to learn from the students of knowledge nectar; holidays, there is the social practice in order to enhance their ability or to reduce the burden on parents busy doing the hard work part-time students. In these process, the dream will be merciless to disturb alarm clock, will their brains to think independently to endure loneliness, even in difficult working environment, the boss suffered criticism and blame. but more the joy, because the same too hard work, hard work is the sweet taste of fruits. However, there are around us, such as students, some classroom pour over and sleep all day nothing to harvest; some in the restaurant to buy a lot of meals, but eat a small portion of the remaining one upside down, ignoring the labor of the peasants; some self-righteous naive, rather than to tough place to sharpen. perhaps because young people are always leading the consumer the latest market trends, and some students will not be a reasonable, moderate, planned consumption, the formation of blind comparisons, pathological consumption, blind rush tide, resulting in two to three months of living expenses for one semester will be nothing left flowers, or to the surrounding classmates for help, or to the parents of thousands of miles in hue.

  As the new century, younger audiences, the heart has its own lofty ideals, are eager to start flying on the wings of the ideal dream of the sky. The ideal realization of the need for wholehearted enthusiasm, the real wisdom, solid action, but the need for hard labor, hard work. because of the success of the flower is by striver with hard work and sweat to the works. Diligence is a valuable asset, is an immortal spirit, is a golden key to open the door to the ideal, is against pleasure-seeking mentality, stop Jiaoshe living weapon.

  Engels once said: "the highest state of life make a difference." Students, action bar! Clear about our side of the wing and shame, to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. With the fiery youth compose ordinary lives, depicting a beautiful life with hard work, hold high the ideal goal of sailing to a higher struggle to become the people and the community do something to contribute to people.

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