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我的中國夢英語演講稿:my chinese dream

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  我的中國夢英語演講稿:My Chinese Dream

  My Chinese Dream

  ——From “Made in China” to “Designed by China”

  Dream, with each one of us.

  Dream is beautiful, it is the bottom of my heart the most beautiful expectations, so the dream also become our long-held beliefs. And my dream is to let my country become strong.我們每一個人都有夢想。夢想是美麗的,它是發自內心的期望,所以最美麗的夢想也成為我們長久以來的信仰。而我的夢想是,讓我的祖國變得強大。

  The various kinds of products in delicate Chinese stores, inns and shops inevitably have the sign of “Made in China”。 Even if some people do not speak English, after viewing plenty of those goods, are capable of identifying this high-frequency phrase.漫步中國街頭,在那些小而精緻的店中琳琅滿目的商品上,總是印着或刻着“中國製造”。即使是不會英語的人,看多了這些小商品后,也認識了這個出現率很高的句子——“中國製造”。

  When Mr. Xu mentioned “Made in China” during social science class when explaining concepts, he solely referred to this phrase and wished it could become “Designed by China” in the future in a regretful voice. However, when I heard his words, my heart thumped. It is indeed true that at present, most of the miscellaneous goods are made in China instead of designed by China. For instance, some of my pens have the label of “Designed by Korea Made in China” .上回的社會課上,徐老師在講到“烏魯木齊”時,講到了洽談會,也講到了“中國製造”。當初,徐老師只是略帶遺憾地說:“真是希望以後能從‘中國製造’變成‘中國創造’啊。”我的心裡“咯噔”一下:的確,現在市場上,很多小商品都是中國製造的,但顯然,製作那些商品所來自的創意,有些並非來自中國。在我的一些筆上寫着:“Design by Korea Made in China.

  I still remember the indignation from my heart last time when I saw the news that a number of multinational companies made use of the low standard of “Made in China” to produce illegitimate products. From that on, I have a dream. I have a dream that one day those pitiable “Made in China” labels can transfer into “Designed by China” or even “China patent technology”。 Though I am neither a professional engineer, nor a sophisticated designer, I am only a student who has no specialized knowledge about invention. Nevertheless, I always have the dream that there will be less “Made in China” and more “Designed by China”。 我還記得上回在網上,有些外國的企業讓中國製造一些非法的產品——完美的利用了”中國製造”。於是,我的心中,便有了一個夢想:將“可憐巴巴”的“中國製造”,變成“中國創造”甚至“創意來自中國”。但我不是一個工程師,不是一個設計師,我只是個學生。我甚至對發明一竅不通。但我的心中有一個恆久的夢想,讓那些商品上,少出現“中國製造”,多出現“中國創造”。

  Without actions, determinate can only be remote dreams generated from my mind. I said to myself silently, only when I take actions can the dreams become closer to facts. For instance, I should be more focused when having science class, should take some inventive extracurricular activities, should know more about lifetime stories of renowned inventors should be an active observer, should suggest others to act. Through these ways, the dreams are more likely to become less remote and the pitiful “Made in China” are more likely to diminish. 但沒有實際行動的夢想,只能是個夢,只能是我腦中空洞的想法。我在心中默默對自己說:“不能將夢想付諸行動,不是明智的選擇。要在日常的課程中——特別是科學——專心聽講。在課外,要多學一些小製作,多了解一些發明家的故事,善於在生活中找到靈感,並呼籲身邊的人也行動起來。或許這樣,能離夢想更進一步;能讓那些縮在角落中的“中國製造”稍少一些。

  Unconsciously, I think of the abstract word “patriotism”。 Some “patriots” resist the consumption of Japanese products. Some “patriots” damage Japan manufactured cars. Some “patriots” make humiliating GIFs about Japan. Some “patriots” attack countries that do not admit the China’s sovereignty of Diaoyu Island. The examples are endless. At their points of view, these are demonstrations of patriotism. Nonetheless, these actions may be too impulsive. Probably, it is a better way that we can earn respect from foreign nations via making China a more powerful country in terms of economics politics. 不覺想到了“愛國”這個很抽象的詞。有人堅決不買那個島國的東西,有人拒絕日本的一些物品,有人砸日本生產的車,有人用電腦製造出一些侮辱日本的GIF圖片,有人就“釣魚島”事件對一些不認為釣魚島是中國的國家進行抨擊,有人……或許,這樣的方式,在他們眼中,是愛國的行為,但這樣,未免太衝動了一些呢?或許,我們可以試着讓中國變得強大,從而使其他國家肅然起敬呢?或許,這樣,是表達我們對自己國家的熱愛的最好方式?

  I do not know. But in my heart, I have a firm belief that other countries can respect China genuinely from the change of “Made in China” to “Designed by China”。 我不知道,也無從知道。但我的心中,有堅定的信念,讓其他國家,真正的對中國肅然起敬,讓縮在一隅的“中國製造”,變成光明正大的“中國創造”!

  Finally,I want to say: We are the hope of our motherland, we should inherit the tradition of excellence, strive to advanced country contributes own strength. Here, I have a kind of inarticulate touched and proud.I for the construction of the Chinese people feel proud, proud of themselves as part of this great country!




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