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感恩節英文短信 標籤:感恩的心 英文簡歷


  1、A card can say more than a thousand words.一張卡片勝過千言萬語。

  2、I am grateful, grateful life, Thanksgiving network, grateful friends, Thanksgiving nature, every day, I have a heart moved to accept everything in life.我感恩,感恩生活,感恩網絡,感恩朋友,感恩大自然,每天,我都以一顆感動的心去承接生活中的一切。

  3、I hope you are feeling thankful after your supper.希望你吃過晚飯後有感恩的心情。

  4、Maybe you are sand, but fate is doomed to I am not the wind can blow away you, thank you very much for once in my life, you will be my this life only attachment!也許你是沙,但是,命運卻註定我不是那可以吹走你的風,非常感謝你曾經在我的生命中出現,你將是我今生唯一的依戀!

  5、Thank you sincerely thank all the colleagues, with a group of love life love work colleagues to grow up together, struggle together, work together, thank you.真心感謝所有的同事,感謝與這一群熱愛生活熱愛工作的同事們一起成長、一起拼搏,一起努力,謝謝你們。

  6、Scattered by the wind not care, the rain does not walk greetings, have gone forever greetings to you, sincerely wish you happiness forever in Thanksgiving.風吹不散的關懷,雨沖不走的問候,都化作對你永遠不變的問候,在感恩節里真心地希望你快樂到永遠。

  7、It will be sad not to see you during the holiday when families get together.家人團聚的節日里,不能看到你,我會感到難過。

  8、Thanksgiving wishes for you and your family.給你們全家感恩節的祝福。

  9、Warm wishes at Thanksgiving.在感恩節,衷心地祝福你們。

  10、You are the most beautiful I”ve ever seen the leaves, let my forest fade for you; You are like a melody make my life more harmonious, I can only in a small voice to say thanks, small to only you can understand!你是我見過最美麗的樹葉,讓我的森林為你凋謝;你像一首旋律讓我的生命多和諧,我只能用小小聲音說感謝,小到只有你能了解!

  11、From childhood through adulthood, the sharing continues!從小到大,未曾間斷!

  12、You life in my heart, although may not be able to keep sauvignon blanc, put you in the dream life, even if had ended, thank you for many years to my love.一生把你放在心裡頭,儘管未必能夠長相思守,一生把你放在夢裡頭,就算已經分手,感謝你多年給我的愛。

  13、for all the times I needed a shoulder to lean on.在我需要依靠之時,

  14、Because of the young, we dare to cry dare to laugh; Because young we challenge failure; Because of the young, we go together; Because of the young, we harvest. Thank you to accompany me along the way you!因為年輕,我們敢哭敢笑;因為年輕我們挑戰失敗;因為年輕,我們攜手同行;因為年輕,我們收穫成長。感謝一路上陪我的你!

  15、Happy Thanksgiving!感恩節快樂!

  16、for all the times that I have felt blue. 在我憂傷痛苦之時。

  17、Thanks for being there as a friend so true!感謝有你,我真誠的朋友!

  18、Just dig into the roast turkey.好好享受美味的感恩節火雞吧!

  19、Have a FULL Thanksgiving day!感恩節快樂!好好吃一頓吧!

  20、Thanksgiving just won’t be the same without you.沒有你,感恩節就不會一樣了。

  21、Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year.感恩節是一年中最好的節日。

  22、Thank years make a boat, find here the desire of the sail. Your tender feeling is no flower, is the green branches, there are always new leaves after winter.感謝歲月讓一隻船,在這裡找到了落帆的願望你的溫情不是花朵,是青青的枝,冬天過後總有新葉。

  23、Have a MID-FULL Thanksgiving!感恩節請勿暴飲暴食!

  24、For all the days that I have been lonely.在我孤獨寂寞之時。

  25、I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you. You are not only a valuable member of this group, you are my dear friend. I can”t imagine live without you.我從心底感謝你對我的心對你的承諾。你不僅是一個有價值的成員,這個集團,你是親愛的朋友。我無法想象沒有你。

  26、This will be our first Thanksgiving apart.這將是我們第一次不在一起過感恩節。

  27、In the formative years, had to accompany you laugh accompany you sorrow of friends, is a lifetime won”t forget, we wish each other cherish this friendship, be a forever friend.在成長的歲月中,曾經陪你笑陪你愁的朋友,是一輩子都不會忘記的,願彼此都能珍惜這份友誼,做個永遠的朋友。

  28、Thanksgiving is a time when I tell you that I love you.感恩節就是我告訴你我愛你的時候。

  29、Your help is a nice surprise, let me grateful! Have no gorgeous language, no rhetoric words, but I thank you for you will not reduce a portion.你的幫助無異於雪中送炭,讓我感激涕零!沒有什麼華麗的語言,沒有什麼豪言話語,但是我對你的感謝不會減少一分。

  30、Happy Thanksgiving day!我的朋友,感恩節快樂!

  31、So big on earth can and you meet, really not easy, thank god gave us the acquaintance happened of fate. Don”t forget, your world I have been to.偌大的地球上能和你相遇,真的不容易,感謝上天給了我們這次相識相知的緣份。別忘了,你的世界我曾經來過。

  32、Thanks for bilingual alumni and a alumni, thank you ever loved me and I love the people thank you, is you let me become more mature, more know the society, learn more about the human nature!謝謝雙語的校友和一種的校友們,謝謝曾經愛過我的和我愛過的人謝謝你們,是你們讓我變得更成熟,更懂得社會,更了解人性!

  33、Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!願你有個美好的感恩節!

  34、Our first Thanksgiving should be our best.我們第一次共度的感恩節是我們最美好的時光。

  35、I wouldn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with anyone else.我只願和你共度感恩節。

  36、When we move some tools must be taken, such as happiness, happiness, health and other valuables. Some rags are must be thrown away: sad, upset, what!搬家的時候有些工具一定要帶走,比如:幸福,快樂,健康等貴重物品。有些襤褸是一定要扔掉的:憂傷,懊惱,無如!

  37、Thanksgiving is a great time to tell you that we love you kids.孩子們,感恩節這時刻,我們要說:我們愛你們。

  38、Theorem in the borrow and also saw the hope of strong, no violation, only grateful, when the favor of people think this is borrowed, and favor of people think that this is sent.定理在借與還,送與望中堅固,無人違反,唯獨感恩,當得到恩惠的人認為這是借,而發出恩惠的人認為這是送。

  39、Very happy that I spent with you every minute, hope can make you happy every night and day, remind of you of name feel very sweet, looking forward to with you goodbye!非常高興與你一起度過的每一分鐘,希望能使你每時每刻都開心,想起你的名字感覺很甜蜜,期望着與你再見!

  40、I love to eat, so I love Thanksgiving.我愛吃,所以我愛感恩節。

  41、Dear leaders, because with your leadership, to enable us to conscientious, wuxi in the work. Meanwhile, I can only say to you: thank you!親愛的領導,正因為有您的帶頭作用,才使我們能在工作中盡職盡責、愛崗敬業。此時,我只能對您說:謝謝您!

  42、Gratitude is the foundation of love and good, although we cannot become a perfect man, but often with gratitude feelings, at least can let oneself live more beautiful, more rich.感恩是愛和善的基礎,我們雖然不可能變成完人,但常懷着感恩的情懷,至少可以讓自己活的更加美麗,更加充實。

  43、You are the joy of my life.是你給我帶來了歡笑。

  44、Thank you ever loved me, thank you ever hate me, thank you for your ever scold me, thank you for once in my life, my life is wonderful because of you.感謝你曾經愛過我,感謝你曾經恨過我,感謝你曾經罵過我,感謝你曾經出現在我的生活里,我的生命因你而精彩。

  45、I will be home for Thanksgiving, so save a little turkey for me.我會回家過感恩節,所以請留點兒火雞給我。

  46、Dear leaders, because with your leadership, to enable us to work in conscientious, wuxi, thank you for your concern and help to me at ordinary times.親愛的領導,正因為有您的帶頭作用,才使我們能在工作中盡職盡責、愛崗敬業,謝謝您平時對我的關心和幫助。

  47、Happy Thanksgiving day!感恩節快樂,我的朋友!

  48、Often miss you, forget your loving smile encouraged eyes, remember you earnestly teachings, engraved you meticulous care. My dear friends, clockwork SMS I wish you a happy day!難忘您慈愛的微笑,常想你鼓勵的眼神,牢記你諄諄的教誨,銘刻你無微不至的關心。親愛的朋友,發條短信祝您天天開心!

  49、Thank you to accompany me through a happy memorable day, and at the same time in my life left a good memory, hope in the later days, you will be happy, happy!感謝你陪我走過了一段開心難忘的日子,同時也在我的生命里留下了一段美好的回憶,希望在以後的日子裡,你都要開心、快樂!

  50、Give me life, give me a porridge, rice, give me endless love, my heart has infinite gratitude. Today, on this Thanksgiving; Also in every day, every moment!賜予我生命者,賜予我一粥一飯者,賜予我無盡關愛者,我心中都存有無限的感激。在今天,在這感恩節;也在每天每時每刻!

  51、I wish you could be here on Thanksgiving.但願你能來過感恩節。

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