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英文的生日祝福語 標籤:英文簡歷


  1、Wishing you a happy birthday! May the best and loving things be some of the joy your birthday brings.祝你生日快樂!願生日帶給你的歡樂中蘊涵著一切美好!

  2、Happy birthday to a wonderful person!祝一位極帥的人生日快樂!

  3、My greetings come with affection for the nicest kind of birthday that could be wished for you、When this day comes to an end and you lie down to rest, may the peace of a golden dream be filled with happiness.我的祝福捎來我對你的愛,願你的生日過得稱心如意,當一天過去,你躺下享受安寧,願幸福瀰漫你恬靜的金色夢境。

  4、Be happy, be cheerful、It"s time to celebrate、My friend was born today、Hope your course is charted for lots of luck all the year through.祝你幸福,願你快樂,慶祝今天你來到這個世上。在生命航程新的一年中,願幸運時時與你相伴!

  5、Every day is birthday time when thinking of you, and I shall keep one sublime hoping your many dreams come true.每當想到你我好似天天都在過生日,可我特別珍視其中的一天,祝願你在這天美夢都能實現。

  6、Grandma means sunshine filled with blessings from above, Grandma means kindness because it’s another name for love May this be a special birthday for you.奶奶是充滿祝福的陽光,照耀我身;奶奶是慈祥和藹的別名,愛的象徵。願您的生日特別快樂!

  7、Wishing you a birthday that is among your very best、I hope that all the years ahead will be as happy as you have been in the past、祝你度過一個最美好的生日,希望你未來的日子與以往一樣快樂!

  8、Wishing you a wonderful birthday、You make this world a nicer place just by being so kindhearted、May this day that is all your own hold happiness for you and the years to come be filled with all the best things, too.祝你生日快樂,你的善良使這個世界變得更加美好,願這完全屬於你的一天帶給你快樂,願未來的日子錦上添花!

  9、May every special happiness fill this day for you and may the year bring all the best things you are looking forward to、願你的生日特別快樂,願新的一年中心想事成!

  10、You are still young and beautiful in my calendar and the extra year seems indeed to have improved your looks、Happy Birthday to you! 在我的日曆上,你依然年輕美麗,而這特別的一年使你的容貌似乎更增光彩。

  11、To a very special uncle,Because you’re always thought of in a very special way, sure wouldn’t miss a chance like this to tell you so today, Happy Birthday!獻給豁達寬厚的叔叔,因為在我的心裡,您總是特別珍貴,今天我能告訴您,當然不錯過機會祝您生日快樂!

  12、My heartiest birthday greetings to you, a feeling much warmer than anybody can know、Best wishes for everything your heart desire in the year.我誠摯的生日祝福,情深意重,祝你在未來的一年裡,心想事成!

  13、Happy birthday.I hope today treats you well.生日快樂,祝你今天過得愉快!

  14、A little birthday wish just to let know how much I care about you、May you seek all the best that the world has to give、May you never stop learning for as long as you live.小小的生日祝福。略表我的心愿。願你的追求孜孜不倦,願你永遠學而不厭。

  15、Wishing you a wonderful day and a year filled with happiness!祝你生日妙不可言,整年沉浸在幸福里!

  16、Looking back across the years, we come to realize that it takes many birthdays to make us kind and wise、Growing older only means the spirit grows serene、Happy birthday!回首以往,我們漸漸認識到,是這些眾多的生日使我們寬厚仁愛,更增智慧,年齡的增長使心境愈趨寧靜。祝生日快樂!

  17、You know you’re thought of lovingly each day throughout the year.But it’s nice to mention it again when special days are here.您知道我們無日不把你親切思念,逢壽辰當然要把這話再說一遍。

  18、We hope that you enjoy this special day and your birthday grows happier by the minute! 我們祝你歡慶這一天,願你生日的快樂與分俱增!

  19、I want to tell you on this special day that I”m very glad time hasn”t changed our friendship any、Hoping your birthday is great.在這特殊的日子裡,我想說我真高興,時光沒有改變我們的友誼,祝你生日其樂無窮。

  20、Happy birthday、May gladness fill your every hour on this special day、生日快樂!願這特殊的日子裡,你的每時每刻都充滿歡樂。

  21、Have a great day, for today is your birthday and a wonderful event、Wish you happiness unfolding like the petal of a rose.生日之際,祝你度過妙不可言的一天,願你的幸福如綻放的玫瑰般芬芳!

  22、In honour of your moving out of the twenties, we are giving you a marvelous birthday party.為慶祝你跨越二十歲,我們準備了一個盛大的生日宴會。

  23、Affectionate birthday greetings、Birthday means a new beginning and a new chance to take hold on life.在你生日之際,向你致以親切的祝賀。生日意味着一個新的開端,意味着重新把握生活的機會。

  24、May your birthday bring lots of joy in the year you have begun、Accept my wishes for many happy returns on your birthday.願你的生日帶給你無限快樂的一年,請接受我的生日祝福!

  25、Warm wishes on your birthday、I send along my love and affection for you as well as a small gift、Take care! 熱烈祝賀你的生日,捎給你我對你的愛,也寄去一件小禮物,多保重!

  26、Each birthday is a milestone we touch along life”s way、May your birthday be happy in more ways than one.每一次之生日都是我們人生旅程中的一個里程碑,願你生日當天百事順意。

  27、Let me join all your other friends in wishing you a happy birthday、Today specially belongs to you、Take this chance to enjoy yourself in everything you do.讓我與你的朋友們一道共慶你生日快樂,今天屬於你,祝你歡歡喜喜!

  28、Send this special birthday wish just to let you know that you’ll always be remembered for the thoughtfulness you show.獻上這特別的生日祝願,只想讓您知道:因為您對我的體貼關懷,我永遠不會把您忘懷。

  29、The kindest friend there could ever be is the kind of friend you are to me.Happy Birthday!世上如有諍友, 那就是像你對我那樣關懷的朋友。祝你生日快樂!

  30、May each hour be happy one on this special day、May the day ahead be more than happy, too, as all your dreams and plans work out just right for you.祝你在這特殊的日子裡,時時刻刻都充滿快樂,祝你來日多福,捷報頻傳!

  31、May you enjoy to the fullest the joy of today、Wishing that your special day be a winner all the way! 願你享盡今日之歡樂,祝你的生日百事順心!

  32、Hope your birthday is like you special.A Happy Birthday!希望你的生日像你一樣?不同尋常。 生日快樂!

  33、Congratulations and warmest wishes for your birthday and every day.祝你生日快樂,天天快樂!

  34、Warmest wishes that your birthday holds nothing but the best、The finest things in life today and every day! 熱烈祝賀你的生日,願生日中最美好的一切屬於你!

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