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  Mark Twain”s short story of "one million pounds" is a very good work. The article on the "money is everything," "money is omnipotent," the idea of a satire, to expose the ugly face of capitalist society.

  "One million pounds" is about a poor, honest man, that is, the *** of this story has received a pair of brothers, the letter sent to him inside one million pounds. The brothers had made a bet, gambling, if a poor, honest people who come knocking on the door received the one million pounds, he will be what kind of results Brother that he would starve to death because he could not prove that the money was his own, will be subject to other people”s doubts, and even the banks do not let him save money. His younger brother that he would lead a very good, and therefore they have the brothers of one million pounds will be loaned to check the poorest people, and spent 30 days abroad. Did not expect that during this period of time, people have the rare fortune suddenly rich, has tried to cozy up to him, from the free food, buy clothes, free accommodation, like a beggar, like to please him, and continue to improve his social status until the exception of the highest outdoor Wang Duke on! Not only that, he also has been a good wife and 30,000 pounds of bank interest, and finally from two brothers got a very good job. Lived a very, very happy life.

  See here, I am so envious of the "lucky" ***, but at the same time I would like to: people reason to curry favor with him, not just because when people value money too it Worship of money is shameful and should not be reaping more! Money is not omnipotent, the world than money, there are many more important things ... ...





  After reading "A tale of two cities"

  "A tale of two cities" is one of Dickens”s most important representative works.The novel profoundly exposed the society contradiction before the French Revolution,intensely attacks the aristocratic social class is dissolute and cruel,and sincerely sympathizes with the depressed classes.The novel also described many magnificent scenes like the revolt people attacked Bastille and so on,which displayed people”s great strength.

  The novel has portrayed many different people. Doctor Manette is honest and kind but suffers the persecution actually , Lucie is beautiful and gentle ,Charles is graceful and noble,Lorry is upright and honest ,Sydney is semblance of indifferent, innermost feelings of warm,unconventional but also immolationless and lofty,Miss Pross is straightforward and loyal,Evremonde brothers are cruel and sinister......The complex hatred is hard to solve, the cruel revenge has made more hatreds, loves rebirth in the hell edge,but take the life as the price.

  As an outstanding writer,in Dickens”s work,the language skill is essential.Each kind of rhetoric technique,like the analogy,the exaggeration,the contrast,the humorous,and the taunt are handled skillfully,and the artistry of the work is also delivered the peak."A tale of two cities" has its difference with the general historical novel, its character and the main plot are all fictionalizes.With the broad real background of the French Revolution,the author take the fictional character Doctor Manette”s experience as the main clue,interweaves the unjust charge, love and revenge three independences but also incident cross-correlation stories together,the plot is criss-crossed,and the clue is complex.The author use insert narrates,foreshadowing,upholstery and so many techniques,causes the structure integrity and strictness,the plot winding anxious and rich of theatrical nature,it displayed the remarkable artistic skill.the style "A tale of two cities" is solemnity and melancholy,fills indignantion,but lacks the humor of the early works.


  The novel description is one year near sixty years of age senior fisherman, when alone goes to sea in one fishing, fished one big fish, actually did not pull. The senior fisherman socialized several days after the fish, only then discovered this was the big marlin which one surpassed the oneimmolation fishing boat several fold, although knew perfectly well very difficult to win, but still did not give up. Afterwards and further because in the big marlin wound fish fishy smell brought in several crowds of shark fish snatches the food, but the old person still did not hope like this to give up, finally highlighted encircles tightly, returned to the big fish belt the fishing port, lets other fishermen not admire already.

  When I read " the senior fisherman think: Here to the seacoast really was too near, perhaps could have a bigger fish in a farther place... " When, I extremely admire this senior fisherman, because he by now already projected on some fish, but he had not settled to the present situation, but was approaches the bigger goal advance. Again has a look us, usually meets one slightly is difficult, we all complain incessantly. We will be the motherland future, will be supposed to like this old person same mind lofty aspiration, will even better pursue even better, the bigger goal.

  英語讀後感 《悲慘世界》

  " Les Miserables " (1862) is representative works of Victor Hugo,as one of the most famous novels in the French literature.

  The novel basic plot is Ran A Rang pitiful life history. He originally is one poor family background worker, because the income insufficient family member gets by, by one time stole the bread is arrested is put in prison. Passed 19 years firm prison and the bitter service life. The punishment completely after also has the larceny behavior, but benevolent bishop in the rice the sorrowful influence, the transformation is one shed oneimmolation manner person. He uses an alias is Madland, works as the entrepreneur, and is pushed for mayor. But soon and further because exposed the status is arrested is put in prison, after escapes rescues the deceased female worker Fantin”s daughter Cosette match from one bastard hand special, went to Paris. Afterwards again unceasingly encountered police”s pursuit. The Ran A Rang entire life fills is imprisoned the pain which the bitter service and drifts about destitute, this is the novel main clue.

  " Les Miserables " is the work which one realism and the romanticism unifies, the very many chapters glitter the realism glory, such as , in 1832 Paris”s street barricade war all wrote is quite real. But the romanticism technique quite was also obvious in the plot arrangement, writes the many extraordinary events. If Ran A rang lets lie down is lifted in the coffin the monastery, he rescues from the street barricade Marilius, all is strange, molds, environment description, symbolic and contrast technique aspect and so on utilization in the character image, also manifests the romanticism the characteristic.


  Tess of the D”urbevilles



  Yesterday, I read the novel called "Tess of the D”urbevilles". written by a famous Englishwriter Thomas Hardy.

  The novel tells a story about a pretty and good girl called Tess, who lived in a village in Marlott. To her sadness, when she was seventeen, she was no longer a pure and untouched girl. She gave birth to a baby, which didn”t live long. So Tess changed from a pure gir l to a grown —up.

  Because she was the eldest of the 7 children in the family, she found a job to support the whole family in a dairy.There she knew Angel and married him. But unluckily. when Angel knew her sad story, he left her and went to Brazil.Tess led a hard an d lonely life after that. Later when she knew Angel had retumed home and found out that she was living with the man who had given the damage to her before,Tess couldn”t accept the fact and killed the man who was living with her.

  Then she escaped and spent together with Angel three days and nights. The police found them on the morning of the fourth day. A few days later, Tess was executed.

  Having read this novel, I like the heroine very much because of her purity, warmness, nobility and the spirit of devotion, She dared to fight against the evil, bravely seek and sturggle for the rights of love.

  Thomas Hardy was famous for the poetical novels. "Tess of the D”urbevilles"is one of this kind. The novel is so fresh that it is nearly like a poem. For nearly a century, it has been popular with the people all over the world.

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