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ap中心家長代表發言稿 標籤:三個代表 做最好的家長




  Dear AP teachers and parents,


  Good afternoon. I am the mother of Billy Guo from Class 6. I am honored to share the achievement and joy with you all as parent representative.

  回想這三年來孩子的成長,身為父母的我們倍感幸運、幸福。三年前, 我們全家面臨著一個選擇:讀普高還是來AP 最終是兒子確定了美國大學的夢想,讓我們走入AP中心。清晰記得第一次到成老師的辦公室,她一見兒子就說這孩子怎麼又瘦又小,其他事情先不做,先開始游泳,提高體能才能有以後的戰鬥力!進入寧外,孩子的快速適應離不開班主任,生輔老師,外教和升學指導老師的快速和全面介入,最快最明顯的變化是兒子身體和個性都茁壯了,活潑了,並且什麼都和我們點點滴滴的分享。為了能更全面滲透,在高一的夏天,在學校提供的一系列項目中,我們選擇參加耶魯的SIG營地。心如所願,兒子在大部分是美國學生的兩周的營地后,他的口語能力飆升,他的團隊和領導力更加國際化,還驚喜的捧回"美國隊長"(TEAM CAPITIAN) 獎盃。

  We, as parents, feel so fortune and blessed to witness the growth of my son in the AP center during the past three years. Three years ago, my family was encountered with two options: to be enrolled into AP or go to the normal senior high school. Finally Billy decided for his dream to go abroad to US for his undergraduate studies. I remember clearly how Della teased Billy the first time in her office: "You are physically too tiny and weak. Forget about all the other academic goals, go swimming and be strong." After coming into AP center, Billy was amazingly orientated into all the new system due to the support and help from all the faculties like head teachers, dorm teachers, AP teachers and counselors. Billy was more open and strong, specially sharing all of his life with us all the time. In the summer of Year 1, we chose SIG program in Yale. After being immersed into the typical American life for two weeks, Billy’s oral English is enhanced dramatically as well as his teamwork and leadership skills. Surprisingly he was awarded as " Team Capitan".


  Both his father and I are in the business field for many years, which also influenced Billy to be interested in business. After many brainstorming and talks with counselors, Billy was encouraged to set up the first business club named "Biz Storm". Recruitment, training, team building, we see his grit in this passion. He is also more and more brave and initiative to lead the team to compete in Hangwai, Shanghai and Chicago for all the different levels of business competitions. This builds up more of his future plan. Thanks to the diverse and rigor of AP& Chinese curriculum, Billy is armed academically competitive.

  在高二的家長面談中, 升學指導老師建議暑假期間我們帶兒子去拜訪下想申請的美國大學,並精心篩選了學校列表。足夠瘋狂的是,我們家真的去了。在美十天從波士頓到南卡拜訪了十所學校,每次造訪的家庭中只有我們一個中國家庭,而且所有學校都知道寧外AP,認識我們的升學指導團隊,招生官們對於我們尤為關注和耐心,而我們選校和申請就不再是紙上談兵,不再是僅用排名為依據。高三申請季,周圍很多親友都建議我們選擇外面的中介,這樣才能"包裝",才能"放心",才能"申的好".而成老師和我們見到的招生官都一直強調誠信申請,強調這個過程孩子的自我認識和成長。為此我們和兒子進行了長談,兒子很堅決,說學校里這麼多大學來訪的接觸,他已經深知文書內容一定要自己寫,真實誠信是他想體現的重要價值觀。最後,我們選擇相信兒子,相信學校,相信成老師。值得一提的事,申請過程中,兒子一直抓住和招生官刷臉的機會,盡享了很多AP的平台和資源。因為有透明的申請過程,直接的推薦和三方的合力,兒子接連拿到10所大學的錄取和很多獎學金。

  During the parents’ talk in year 2, counselors suggest we’d better do some campus visit and also helped to make a fit school list. Crazily, as a family we actually did it. From Boston to South Carolina, we visited ten colleges in ten days. We were amazed how connected Ningwai counseling office is with the admission officers. After this visit, the school list of Billy’s application is never based on the ranking numbers. In year 3, lots of my friends suggest we should find another agent for "better application" for Billy, but Billy and we all value the integrity in the process which is also promoted by AP center and counseling team. Billy took advantage of all the resources and opportunities offered by AP center and achieved a lot: finally with ten offers and lots of scholarship.


  The best summary from Billy’s story I would like to share is:Trust. This is a frustrating process with lots of unknown and confusing facts. But as a family we always choose to trust AP, the school and the guidance by counselors unconditionally. After these three years, with the trust we gain positivity and Billy’s well-rounded development. I am intensively involved with everything AP offers, either for parents meeting or parents salon, or the one-one-one talk, academically or for extra-curriculum. This all helps me to understand and trust AP more.


  Wish all the best for AP family and all the AP students. Tomorrow is yours.

  謝謝大家 !


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